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World Cancer Day: 4th February

How You Can Make a Difference on World Cancer Day

In 2018, 18 million people were diagnosed with cancer globally. Today in the UK, and thanks to extensive research, 2 out of 4 people survive cancer. We’re making incredible advances on tackling this major issue, and monthly and one-off donations to charities such as Cancer Research are one of the main reasons such research has gone ahead. Cancer Research aim to benefit the people with cancer around the world and here in the UK, by transforming the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, it’s a cruel disease, but with such amazing work going on all around the world, we are always one step closer to a future without cancer. There are so many ways that YOU can act because the time to act is now.

This year’s theme for World Cancer Day is closing the care gap.

Half of the world’s population lacks access to basic care in diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancer. The sad truth is that the care gap is costing lives, are there are so many different forms of the care gap which affects everyone, including you or people you may know. Things like age discrimination, gender norms and discrimination, barriers for minority populations and people living in poverty are all things that contribute to the care gap. Today, on World Cancer Day, let’s contribute to closing this gap.

How To Get Involved on World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day’s website have loads of different ways to get involved, including 3 different 21-day challenges to make a difference. They also have lots of information on Cancer including statistics, different types of cancer, causes, and signs and symptoms.

This World Cancer Day, get involved, in the workplace, at home, online or with your friends and family. Share a fact, share a donation link, donate to Cancer Research or a local charity, remember those who have lost their lives due to cancer, and let’s work together to make a better future.

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